What are some of the top features I should look for in a free CRM software solution?

  • Easy to maintain and edit information
    Ability to generate detailed reports
    Easily integrates with your marketing solution or is included in your marketing solution (as is the case with our Contact Manager)
    Multiple members of your team can use it with their own account and capabilities
    Multiple communication tools in a single integrated platform for maximum efficiency
    Ability to create sales pipelines
    Simple user interface
    Ability to customize

Insightly vs. Nimble vs. Zoho What is Best CRM for Small Business

Insightly :

This software to be incredibly intuitive. It was straightforward with meaningful categories and had an uncluttered, clean appearance with a lot of options.

Nimble :

The most engaging CRM software we have seen. It’s highly visual and presents customers as people instead of data with pictures and images that are not unlike a Twitter profile. Nimble tells a visual story for each customer, bringing the data to life. When I entered in leads, I felt motivated to take the next step in the sales cycle and close deals. Nimble also made it easy to tap into relevant social media conversations that helped to convert qualified leads quickly.

Zoho :

This was the least intuitive of the three platforms. Still, Zoho was relatively easy to use for more basic functions, such as adding contacts. If you’re already used to using CRM software, this system would be easier to set up. Taking advantage of the advanced features requires an investment of time and training and, sometimes, change cultivation.